The Berlin Assignment

The Berlin Assignment

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February 28th 2024


In the perilous atmosphere of the Cold War, Adam Devon, a civilian pilot, becomes unwittingly embroiled in an MI6 covert operation to extract a Russian missile scientist from Berlin. But there are traitors in the British Establishment passing information to the Russians and as the assignment starts to go wrong Devon becomes trapped in East Germany.


Hannah, Devon’s fiancée and one-time agent for the Israeli Secret Service, leads the mission to rescue him and the rest of the team. However, her best chance of success lies in the hands of the unscrupulous Henry Fitzjohn, a British MP and old RAF rival of Devon’s, who had once sought a relationship with her.


In a race to unmask the traitor and rescue Devon, loyalties are tested and unexpected alliances form. In a world where secrets are currency and danger is ever-present, will love and resilience prevail against all odds?





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Fast paced, exciting storyline

Mike D

Mark Butterworth's latest novel, The Berlin Assignment, evokes and brings into sharp focus the treachery, espionage and bravery that became synonymous with countering Soviet socialist hegemony during the Cold War. The book is stylishly written combining as it does a fast paced, exciting storyline with the deepening romantic relationship between the main protagonists Adam and Hannah. Easy to read in one session, but even better if rationed over several days.

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